About Us

ELCICSt Paul's is the largest Lutheran Congregation in the Maritimes. We offer two styles of worship: non-liturgical and liturgical. We have an active Sunday School and Youth Group, ages 3 - 15. We have regular programs of Pastor's Bible Study, Women (Ladies Aid) & Youth Groups & Sunday School. We also have a radio broadcast once a month that ministers to the whole South Shore. St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church is a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (ELCIC). Many people ask what Lutherans profess and believe. This page has been designed to offer those who question the information they are looking for.

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (ELCIC) is the major Canadian representative of the traditions of the Lutheran reformation of the catholic Christian church. Baptized membership is around 152,500 members. The ELCIC came into being in 1986 through the merger of two predecessor bodies.

We derive our teachings from the Holy Scriptures and confess the three ecumenical creeds of the Christian church. We hold to orthodox catholic theology as enunciated in the ecumenical councils of the first five centuries of Christianity.

We trace our roots as a confessing movement to the reformation of the catholic church initiated by Dr. Martin Luther in Germany in the 1500s. See Project Wittenberg for a great deal of primary source information. From Germany, Lutheranism spread to Scandinavia and the Baltic states, as well as to other areas in central and eastern Europe.

Today, Lutherans are to be found around the world. Lutherans have been continually present in Canada since the 1750s, when German Lutheran immigrants arrived in Halifax.

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada holds membership in the Lutheran World Federation, the Canadian Council of Churches and the World Council of Churches.