Pastor's Page

From the Pastor:

At this time the Church faces times of change that it has not experienced since the time of Constantine (circa 325) and the Reformation (circa 1500). As the "Tale of Two Cities" puts it - "it is the worst of times and the best of times." Within one generation there will be a huge population shift that will take much of the attendance from mainline denominations. It will dry up volunteers and funds. It will result in the closing of congregations and others will not afford pastors. Some pastors may out of work, others will do part time ministry, still others will go to larger centers and congregations who can afford them for now. I do not think most mainline churches are even willing to think about such a thing. Yet it will come.


Should this scare us? Some congregations are trying new programs and outreaches, others are ignoring the facts, others are preparing to slowly die, and a few are patiently waiting for what God calls them to next. While this may sound very pessimistic and negative I want to remind the faithful that Jesus told us from the beginning that we will be the outcasts, we will be the minority, we will be the persecuted- yet the gates of hell will not prevail against the Church of Christ. So what should we fear- the loss of the status quo or our influence on culture? We lost that long ago.


Instead we need to remember our calling- to be light in the world, to be salt in the world. Light and salt is needed in this cold, dark, tastless world.


The Holy Spirit is stirring our congregations, upsetting the status quo, and renewing a vision that had long since been asleep. We are going to be a light on a hill and salt that flavours. Change is coming... and the true Church will not only survive... but be victorious.