Fellowship Committee: Perhaps you are a committee member that we are looking for! St. Paul's participates in countless fellowship activities throughout the calendar year. This committee is being formed to organize these events. Interested?

Library Committee: WOW! This committee has been working tirelessly to get our library back up and running. The stacks have been catalogued and reorganized and the library has been renovated. Books, videos, DVDs and various resources are available for loan throughout the week and on Sunday mornings.

Property Committee: The property committee works to maintain our church building and property. They have several ongoing projects at the present time including the installation of a new furnace.

Stewardship Committee: This team works on projects to increase and manage gifts of time, talent, and treasure. It organizes the annual yard sale and nurtures year-round stewardship awareness within our church community. Stewardship also deals with budgetary issues and makes recommendations to church council pertaining to the management of finances.

Worship and Praise Committee: Working together to maintain a vibrant worship environment, this group shares their love for worship and praise by organizing our weekly worship services, overseeing music, securing supply pastors, as well as listening and responding to the worship needs of the congregation.

Adhoc Committee: This committee forms in response to a given need. Members vary from activity to activity and are called upon to lend talents and skills specific to the current project. Activities have included Family Games Night, St. Paul's Birthday Celebrations, Summer Social, Ice Cream Social and Website Development.